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Lake Park West Market Update 5-31-2008

It’s pretty quiet in the Lake Park West neighborhood lately.  There are currently 4 active listings on the MLS, 3 of them are short sales.  There are 4 homes in escrow – 3 are bank owned, and the 4th is a corporate relocation.  The only closings this year have been 1 bank owned home, and 1 corporate relocation. 

Lake Park West YTD 5-31-2008

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Forest Creek Market Report 5-23-2008

For the size of the neighborhood, with almost 600 homes, there has been very limited activity in the Forest Creek neighborhood so far this year.  Only 4 homes have closed at prices ranging from $560K to $650K, and 1 bank-owned home just went into escrow today.  There are currently 6 homes active in the MLS – 2 short sales, 1 bank-owned, and 3 “normal” sales. 

Forest Creek Year to Date Report 5-23-08

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Lakeside Park Real Estate Report 5-23-2008

Lakeside Park currently has 6 active listings on the MLS – 5 of them are short sales, and one is a bank-owned foreclosure.  Of the 4 properties in escrow, 3 are bank-owned and one is a short sale.  The closings have all both been foreclosed properties so far this year.

Lakeside Park Year-to-Date Real Estate activity 5-23-2008

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Lake Forest Keys in Lake Forest California

There are several new listings, including 2 that are now bank-owned. 

Lake Forest Keys 5-22-08 Market Update 


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Serrano Woods Condos in Lake Forest II

The first closing of the year occured earlier this month – a bank owned condo that sold in just 6 days when it went on the market in March.  There is currently one short sale in escrow, and 4 others in the active status. 

Here is Serrano Woods Market Activity Report 5-22-08

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Serrano Ridge Homes in Lake Forest California

Currently available homes in the Serrano Ridge neighborhood include 3 short sales and one bank owned home.  The prices range from $600,000 to $650,000 at this time.  There are 2 properties currently in escrow – one is a short sale, and the other appears to be a “normal” sale.  Only one home has closed this year – a bank owned home with 4 bedrooms and over 2300 sq feet.  It was sold for the full price of $580,000 within 14 days of coming on the market.

Serrano Ridge Homes in Lake Forest California

The Lake Forest Keys Waterfront Community in Lake Forest California

The 16 homes that are active in the MLS today range from a low of $499,900 for a short sale on the greenbelt, to $1.8 million for a newly constructed home with over 3800 square feet on one of the keys (not a point home.)  There is one REO today, priced at $545,000 for a 3 bedroom home on a greenbelt.  Pricing for waterfront homes with a dock currently starts at $789,900 for the smallest 3 bedroom model.

The closings this year have ranged from $569,000 for a small greenbelt home to $1.35 million for a large point home.  The least expensive waterfront to close this year was a 2200 square foot 2 story at $778,000 in February.

Lake Forest Keys Homes in Lake Forest California