2007 Sales

This map takes a few minutes to load, and shows a different area at first, but finally it shows an aerial view of all of the properties in Lake Forest II that sold in 2007.

If you put your mouse over one of the house icons, it should also show you a mini-photo with sale price and closed date for each property.  

 Click Here to view Map of 2007 Sales in Lake Forest II


3 responses to “2007 Sales

  1. Cathy Nealand

    This is cool. Works well. I was not able to get the listing data when I clicked on the link. Is that because this is a test and not live? Or is it live?
    Sorry for the delay, I do like this alot.

  2. It takes forever to load – I think it was over 2 minutes when I checked this time! The reason that it doesn’t give the detail on the listings is because they are closed sales. I’ll try making a new one with the current actives.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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