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Ranchwood Homes – Market Report 4-08-2009

Ranchwood Park Homes

There have been 2 closed sales in Ranchwood this year – both bank owned homes.  There are also 2 short sales in escrow today.  Since the bank has to approve the short sales, we don’t have any idea how soon these will close.

Ranchwood Homes in Lake Forest 2009 Activity


Lake Forest II Homes – Active Listings by Neighborhood

Here are the links to active, pending and backup statuses on the MLS today.

The Woods

Lake Forest Keys

Serrano Ridge


Lakeside Park

Lake Park West

Indian Hills

Forest Creek

The Oaks

Serrano Woods

Parkwood Estates II

There are currently no listings on the MLS in Prairie Ridge, Parkwood Estates, or Park Place.  You could be the first this year – call me if you are thinking about buying or selling anywhere in Lake Forest.

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2008 Sales

Sales in Lake Forest II were pretty slow in 2008, with the majority of them being either short sales, or bank owned.  The following reports are all PDFs and include all sales for each neighborhood in 2008.

The Oaks 2008 Sales

Ranchwood Sales 2008

The Woods Sales 2008

Lakeside Park Sales 2008

Lake Forest Keys Sales 2008

Indian Hills Sales 2008

Forest Creek Sales 2008

Serrano Woods Sales 2008

Lake Park West 2008 Sales

Parkwood Estates Sales 2008

Park Place Sales 2008

Prairie Ridge Sales 2008

Serrano Ridge Sales 2008

There were no closed sales in Parkwood Estates II neighborhood in 2008.

Lake Forest II Neighborhood Updates

There are only 31 active listings in Lake Forest II neighborhoods as of January 6, 2009 :

Forest Creek – 4 actives

Indian Hills – 2 actives

Lake Park West – 1 active

Lakeside Park – 2 actives

Lake Forest Keys – 10 actives

Parkwood Estates 2 – 1 active

Ranchwood – 2 actives

Serrano Ridge – 1 active

The Oaks – 4 actives

The Woods – 3 actives

There are currently no active listings in Serrano Woods Condos, Parkwood Estates, Park Place, or Prairie Ridge.  (If you have been thinking about selling, there is very little competition right now!) 

Lake Forest 2 Market Update 12/02/2008

I decided to update all the neighborhoods in one post today so you can see all the year-to-date activity for each neighborhood.  I am trying out a new report format, so let me know if you like it or not. 

I like this new report because it includes all the photos for each property, and will update itself if the price or status changes.  A new field called “Special Conditions” is under the property description and will tell you if the property is a short sale, or REO listing.  It also shows the $/square foot price of each property which I think may be valuable to the analytical types.  These links will all expire in 30 days, but I will provide all the new reports before then. 

Serrano Woods Condos

The Oaks

Forest Creek

Indian Hills

Lake Park West

Lakeside Park

Park Place

Parkwood Estates

Parkwood Estates 2

Prairie Ridge

Ranchwood Homes

Serrano Ridge

Lake Forest Keys

The Woods

Real Estate Report for Ranchwood Homes in Lake Forest

Ranchwood Park in the Ranchwood Neighborhood
Sales in the Ranchwood neighborhood in Lake Forest this year have been dominated by distressed (short sales or bank-owned) homes so far, but these sales don’t show the “pride of ownership” that the rest of the homes reflect. Since the homes in Ranchwood are among the smallest of the Lake Forest II Association, they have always been attractive to the younger first-time buyers as an entry point to single family home ownership. As our market improves over the next few years, I expect this neighborhood to be an attractive target for both first time buyers, and first move-ups (from condos), although being mostly single story, they will also attract older move-down buyers who want to give up their larger 2 story homes to save on the maintenance as well as eliminating stairs as they age.

With city-owned streets, and the city-maintained park within the tract, Ranchwood has the lowest association dues (currently only $58.53 per month) in the Lake Forest II Association, paying only the basic amount for recreation facilities and CC&R services.

There is currently only one home available in the MLS in this neighborhood and it is another short sale, so it will probably take a long time to sell. Click on the link below to view all real estate activity* in the Ranchwood neighborhood this year.  

Ranchwood Homes in Lake Forest 11-02-08

If you are thinking about either buying or selling in this neighborhood, please give me a call to find out how I can help you!

Neighborhood Updates in Lake Forest II 8-17-2008

Here are the latest neighborhood reports for Lake Forest II real estate.  The activity is fairly quiet and there haven’t been a lot of changes, so I’ll save my comments about these neighborhoods for future posts.

Serrano Woods Condos 8-17-2008

Ranchwood Homes 8-17-2008

Lake Park West 8-17-2008

Prairie Ridge 8-17-2008

Parkwood Estates 8-17-2008