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Lake Forest Keys Market 4-08-2009

Electric Party Boats on Lake Forest II LakeSales in the Lake Forest Keys are fairly slow this time of year.  Part of it is due to the prices being the highest in the city, and the fact that people actually have to qualify for their loans.  There is a lot of competition from homes in the beach areas where values have fallen dramatically over the last 2 years.  When a remodeled lake front home was half the price of a tiny fixer in a beach town (but not with a view) it was a very good trade-off to buy a lake front home with a dock.  Now, you can buy a decent home in Laguna, Dana Point, or even Newport with a “peek view” for around $1 million, so buyers have more choices of special properties.

There have been 2 sales closed so far this year – one on the water, and one on the greenbelt.  There are 12 homes currently on the market – 2 greenbelt homes, and 10 waterfronts.  Take a look and see if there is one you like!

Lake Forest Keys Homes 2009


Jeronimo Road Improvement Meeting Tonight

Road Work

The City of Lake Forest will present the first of two public information sessions tonight at 7:00 pm the Sun & Sail Club regarding the proposed improvements to Jeronimo Road.  Homeowners from the neighborhoods that are bounded by Jeronimo Road are particularly encouraged to attend to find out what is planned, and to let the City know of your concerns.

Last month, I attended a brief overview of this project, along with members of the homeowner association boards from the Lake Forest Keys, and Lake Forest I, but due to time limits, we left with many un-answered questions. 

The main proposal, from what I understand, is to add a landscaped center median to many parts of Jeronimo Road.  This may require that several exits from the neighborhoods adjacent to it (Lake Forest Keys, Lake Park West, and Parkwood Estates II), will become “right-turn-only” and residents will be forced to drive out of their way before being able to make a U-turn at a break in the median.  The impact of that may also cause an increase of vehicles driving on residential streets within these neighborhoods in order to bypass these “right turn only” exits.

Other questions that hopefully will be addressed are :

  • Where are the funds coming from to build this?
  • Where are the funds to maintain it when it is finished?
  • What are the expected benefits of doing this?  (I heard “traffic calming” but don’t know if this refers to a projected reduction of accidents, or just slower cars.)
  • Is this road really wide enough to fit a center median?  We currently have 2 lanes on each side, with bike lanes – will we lose the bike lanes, or the sidewalks?

Bring your own questions and join me there tonight!  I’m going to take a drive along Jeronimo right now, so that I can see where it could be improved.

Lake Forest II Homes – Active Listings by Neighborhood

Here are the links to active, pending and backup statuses on the MLS today.

The Woods

Lake Forest Keys

Serrano Ridge


Lakeside Park

Lake Park West

Indian Hills

Forest Creek

The Oaks

Serrano Woods

Parkwood Estates II

There are currently no listings on the MLS in Prairie Ridge, Parkwood Estates, or Park Place.  You could be the first this year – call me if you are thinking about buying or selling anywhere in Lake Forest.

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2008 Sales

Sales in Lake Forest II were pretty slow in 2008, with the majority of them being either short sales, or bank owned.  The following reports are all PDFs and include all sales for each neighborhood in 2008.

The Oaks 2008 Sales

Ranchwood Sales 2008

The Woods Sales 2008

Lakeside Park Sales 2008

Lake Forest Keys Sales 2008

Indian Hills Sales 2008

Forest Creek Sales 2008

Serrano Woods Sales 2008

Lake Park West 2008 Sales

Parkwood Estates Sales 2008

Park Place Sales 2008

Prairie Ridge Sales 2008

Serrano Ridge Sales 2008

There were no closed sales in Parkwood Estates II neighborhood in 2008.

Lake Forest II Neighborhood Updates

There are only 31 active listings in Lake Forest II neighborhoods as of January 6, 2009 :

Forest Creek – 4 actives

Indian Hills – 2 actives

Lake Park West – 1 active

Lakeside Park – 2 actives

Lake Forest Keys – 10 actives

Parkwood Estates 2 – 1 active

Ranchwood – 2 actives

Serrano Ridge – 1 active

The Oaks – 4 actives

The Woods – 3 actives

There are currently no active listings in Serrano Woods Condos, Parkwood Estates, Park Place, or Prairie Ridge.  (If you have been thinking about selling, there is very little competition right now!) 

Lake Forest Keys 2008 Boat Parade

The annual Lake Forest Keys Boat Parade around the lake was held on Saturday, December 13.  About 25 boat owners, battled the cool breezes and sprinkles off and on all day, but still turned out to show off their decorations on Saturday evening.

Several lakefront homeowners who were having parties at their homes, offered to provide judges for the decorating contest.  (This also makes a good party game!)  At the end of the evening, a few judges forgot to call in their results, so the final tabulation had to wait until Sunday morning, but the winners were announced, and prizes delivered by Sunday evening.

The grand prize (also known as the “Clark Griswald” award for most lights) went to John & Evy Gasca, on Arrowhead Lane.  Their grandson, Bryan, gets most of the credit for the design and decorating of their boat.  The “Most Creative” boat, was designed and decorated by Rex Buxton, from Huron Lane, for his very realistic looking ’57 Chevy  in an authentic turquoise and white combination.  Kathy Griffen’s boat, from Ponchartrain Lane, won the “Most Festive” category – based on the boat’s passengers appearing to be having the most fun.   (No, ladies, this is not Mardi Gras – you didn’t have to flash anyone to win!) 

Thanks go out to the Lake Forest Keys Association as well as to Keys resident, Tina Ross at “Our Place Restaurant” for her donation of gift certificates for prizes.

If you have 3 minutes, take a look at my video of the Boat Parade complete with music by our own lakefront talent, Kim Beaney, of Superior Lane.

Would you like to live in this great neighborhood?  Check the current list of 12 homes for sale, ranging from $589,000 up to $1,650,000.

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Lake Forest 2 Market Update 12/02/2008

I decided to update all the neighborhoods in one post today so you can see all the year-to-date activity for each neighborhood.  I am trying out a new report format, so let me know if you like it or not. 

I like this new report because it includes all the photos for each property, and will update itself if the price or status changes.  A new field called “Special Conditions” is under the property description and will tell you if the property is a short sale, or REO listing.  It also shows the $/square foot price of each property which I think may be valuable to the analytical types.  These links will all expire in 30 days, but I will provide all the new reports before then. 

Serrano Woods Condos

The Oaks

Forest Creek

Indian Hills

Lake Park West

Lakeside Park

Park Place

Parkwood Estates

Parkwood Estates 2

Prairie Ridge

Ranchwood Homes

Serrano Ridge

Lake Forest Keys

The Woods