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The Oaks Homes in Lake Forest California

After a long time with very little activity in the Oaks, we finally have some action!  In the last week, 2 homes have gone in to escrow.  Now we just have to wait for the closing numbers to see what they sold for.  A total of 3 homes are now in escrow, but the 3rd is a short sale, so the closing date is up in the air.

The Oaks Homes in Lake Forest 2009

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Lake Forest II Neighborhood Updates in Process!

For the past 6 days, I have been trying to get this blog moved over to a new host with GoDaddy, but they can’t seem to fix their hosting problems.  Essentially, my blog has been held prisoner by their “tech support” people who continually told me that it would be fixed “any minute.”  I finally gave up today, and moved everything back to this WordPress hosting site. 

There have been changes in many of the Lake Forest II neighborhoods this week, so I will download all the lists and post them here in the next 24 hours.  In the mean time, if you have any questions or comments about the neighborhoods, please send me an email (Vicki at or give me a call!

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Jeronimo Road Improvement Meeting Tonight

Road Work

The City of Lake Forest will present the first of two public information sessions tonight at 7:00 pm the Sun & Sail Club regarding the proposed improvements to Jeronimo Road.  Homeowners from the neighborhoods that are bounded by Jeronimo Road are particularly encouraged to attend to find out what is planned, and to let the City know of your concerns.

Last month, I attended a brief overview of this project, along with members of the homeowner association boards from the Lake Forest Keys, and Lake Forest I, but due to time limits, we left with many un-answered questions. 

The main proposal, from what I understand, is to add a landscaped center median to many parts of Jeronimo Road.  This may require that several exits from the neighborhoods adjacent to it (Lake Forest Keys, Lake Park West, and Parkwood Estates II), will become “right-turn-only” and residents will be forced to drive out of their way before being able to make a U-turn at a break in the median.  The impact of that may also cause an increase of vehicles driving on residential streets within these neighborhoods in order to bypass these “right turn only” exits.

Other questions that hopefully will be addressed are :

  • Where are the funds coming from to build this?
  • Where are the funds to maintain it when it is finished?
  • What are the expected benefits of doing this?  (I heard “traffic calming” but don’t know if this refers to a projected reduction of accidents, or just slower cars.)
  • Is this road really wide enough to fit a center median?  We currently have 2 lanes on each side, with bike lanes – will we lose the bike lanes, or the sidewalks?

Bring your own questions and join me there tonight!  I’m going to take a drive along Jeronimo right now, so that I can see where it could be improved.

2008 Sales

Sales in Lake Forest II were pretty slow in 2008, with the majority of them being either short sales, or bank owned.  The following reports are all PDFs and include all sales for each neighborhood in 2008.

The Oaks 2008 Sales

Ranchwood Sales 2008

The Woods Sales 2008

Lakeside Park Sales 2008

Lake Forest Keys Sales 2008

Indian Hills Sales 2008

Forest Creek Sales 2008

Serrano Woods Sales 2008

Lake Park West 2008 Sales

Parkwood Estates Sales 2008

Park Place Sales 2008

Prairie Ridge Sales 2008

Serrano Ridge Sales 2008

There were no closed sales in Parkwood Estates II neighborhood in 2008.

Lake Forest II Neighborhood Updates

There are only 31 active listings in Lake Forest II neighborhoods as of January 6, 2009 :

Forest Creek – 4 actives

Indian Hills – 2 actives

Lake Park West – 1 active

Lakeside Park – 2 actives

Lake Forest Keys – 10 actives

Parkwood Estates 2 – 1 active

Ranchwood – 2 actives

Serrano Ridge – 1 active

The Oaks – 4 actives

The Woods – 3 actives

There are currently no active listings in Serrano Woods Condos, Parkwood Estates, Park Place, or Prairie Ridge.  (If you have been thinking about selling, there is very little competition right now!) 

Lake Forest Keys Boat Parade – December 13, 2008

The Lake Forest Keys will again host the annual boat parade on Saturday, December 13 this year.

Decorated Boat
Decorate Your Boat!

We will start with a social hour at the amphitheater beginning about 5:30, then plan to start the parade around the the lake at 6:30.

If you need lights, I just saw the low voltage lights in different colors and sizes at Costco last week for less than $14 per 100 light string.  These lights hardly use any of your battery power, so it may be worth it to upgrade if you have the old lights.  (They had a good supply, but you never know when they will run out!)

Please give me a call or email to let me know if you are entering your boat.  I’m hoping to get some prizes for various categories, and it’s always nice to know how many boats to expect in the line up.

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots

As long as you are decorating for the parade, please consider volunteering your boat to take people out on tours on one or both Friday nights (the 12th, and the 19th).  This is a fund raiser for Toys for Tots. Last year, we raised $200 for this, but with better advance planning (and no rain!) we are hoping to collect $500 this year.  It’s a worthy cause, and there are many non-lake front neighbors who are willing to pay to support this.  Please let me know if you will be willing to bring your decorated boat and participate.  Call me at (949) 457-0281 or email

Alisa, at the Sun & Sail Club, will be taking reservations for anyone who wants to ride around the lake those evenings for a donation of $5 per person.  You may call her at (949)586-0860 x-29, or visit her recreation website where she will have a sign up form available soon.


Bank Owned Homes in Lake Forest II

Lake Forest II homes are not immune to the conditions of the real estate market.  So far this year, 35 (1% of the total HOA) bank owned (REO) properties have been offered for sale in Lake Forest II.  Today, we have 6 homes available in the active status, 8 in escrow, 1 on hold, and 20 that have closed this year.  (There may be a few more that I missed, because listing agents didn’t check the right box that they are bank owned.)

The pricing has ranged from a low of $240,000 for a 3 bedroom condo in Lakeside Park, to $724,900 for a lake front attached home in the “Villas” neighborhood of Lake Forest Keys. 

Here is the year-to-date Lake Forest II REO Activity