Lake Forest Keys Market 4-08-2009

Electric Party Boats on Lake Forest II LakeSales in the Lake Forest Keys are fairly slow this time of year.  Part of it is due to the prices being the highest in the city, and the fact that people actually have to qualify for their loans.  There is a lot of competition from homes in the beach areas where values have fallen dramatically over the last 2 years.  When a remodeled lake front home was half the price of a tiny fixer in a beach town (but not with a view) it was a very good trade-off to buy a lake front home with a dock.  Now, you can buy a decent home in Laguna, Dana Point, or even Newport with a “peek view” for around $1 million, so buyers have more choices of special properties.

There have been 2 sales closed so far this year – one on the water, and one on the greenbelt.  There are 12 homes currently on the market – 2 greenbelt homes, and 10 waterfronts.  Take a look and see if there is one you like!

Lake Forest Keys Homes 2009


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