Jeronimo Road Improvement Meeting Tonight

Road Work

The City of Lake Forest will present the first of two public information sessions tonight at 7:00 pm the Sun & Sail Club regarding the proposed improvements to Jeronimo Road.  Homeowners from the neighborhoods that are bounded by Jeronimo Road are particularly encouraged to attend to find out what is planned, and to let the City know of your concerns.

Last month, I attended a brief overview of this project, along with members of the homeowner association boards from the Lake Forest Keys, and Lake Forest I, but due to time limits, we left with many un-answered questions. 

The main proposal, from what I understand, is to add a landscaped center median to many parts of Jeronimo Road.  This may require that several exits from the neighborhoods adjacent to it (Lake Forest Keys, Lake Park West, and Parkwood Estates II), will become “right-turn-only” and residents will be forced to drive out of their way before being able to make a U-turn at a break in the median.  The impact of that may also cause an increase of vehicles driving on residential streets within these neighborhoods in order to bypass these “right turn only” exits.

Other questions that hopefully will be addressed are :

  • Where are the funds coming from to build this?
  • Where are the funds to maintain it when it is finished?
  • What are the expected benefits of doing this?  (I heard “traffic calming” but don’t know if this refers to a projected reduction of accidents, or just slower cars.)
  • Is this road really wide enough to fit a center median?  We currently have 2 lanes on each side, with bike lanes – will we lose the bike lanes, or the sidewalks?

Bring your own questions and join me there tonight!  I’m going to take a drive along Jeronimo right now, so that I can see where it could be improved.


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