Lake Forest Keys 2008 Boat Parade

The annual Lake Forest Keys Boat Parade around the lake was held on Saturday, December 13.  About 25 boat owners, battled the cool breezes and sprinkles off and on all day, but still turned out to show off their decorations on Saturday evening.

Several lakefront homeowners who were having parties at their homes, offered to provide judges for the decorating contest.  (This also makes a good party game!)  At the end of the evening, a few judges forgot to call in their results, so the final tabulation had to wait until Sunday morning, but the winners were announced, and prizes delivered by Sunday evening.

The grand prize (also known as the “Clark Griswald” award for most lights) went to John & Evy Gasca, on Arrowhead Lane.  Their grandson, Bryan, gets most of the credit for the design and decorating of their boat.  The “Most Creative” boat, was designed and decorated by Rex Buxton, from Huron Lane, for his very realistic looking ’57 Chevy  in an authentic turquoise and white combination.  Kathy Griffen’s boat, from Ponchartrain Lane, won the “Most Festive” category – based on the boat’s passengers appearing to be having the most fun.   (No, ladies, this is not Mardi Gras – you didn’t have to flash anyone to win!) 

Thanks go out to the Lake Forest Keys Association as well as to Keys resident, Tina Ross at “Our Place Restaurant” for her donation of gift certificates for prizes.

If you have 3 minutes, take a look at my video of the Boat Parade complete with music by our own lakefront talent, Kim Beaney, of Superior Lane.

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