Lake Forest Keys Homes in Lake Forest California

 Life on the lake is pretty good – especially if you are a swan and think you own the whole lake!  The Lake Forest Keys swans, “Oscar” and “Emmy” have lived at the lake for about 5 years now, and are mature enough to breed and raise a family.  Each spring I have watched them build a nest somewhere on the shore, and generally get pretty upset with anyone who comes near it.  They have also been known to chase small boats and kyacks and try to nip anyone that they can reach.  It is now past the season for them to lay eggs, so we will now have to wait for baby swans for another year. 

Homes for sale in the Lake Forest Keys now include 2 foreclosures, and 3 short sales.  The prices for the waterfront homes now start at $755,000 for the small single story, and go up to $1.8 million for a custom newer 2 story home that is over 3,800 square feet. 

Here is the latest report for Year-to-Date Listings and Sales in the Lake Forest Keys.

Lake Forest Keys Homes for Sale 


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