Forest Creek Homes in Lake Forest

Forest Creek has always been one of my favorite neighborhoods in Lake Forest.  Since my kids went to the elementary school at Rancho Canada, many of their friends lived in Forest Creek, and we attended many birthday parties, and Girl Scout meetings, and we usually trick-or-treated there with their friends on Halloween.  Due to the speed bumps on the streets, and the many cul de sacs, it has always attracted more families than singles, but there are many long-term owners who are now empty-nesters and still enjoy the neighborhood.  

Forest Creek Neighborhood in Lake Forest, California

The homes along Via Del Rio that back up to Serrano Creek Park, have nice views of the forest and creek.  While visiting some friends for dinner there last night, and relaxing in the back yard, I noted that the views also included the many walkers, joggers and horseback riders who pass by on the trail behind the houses.  I asked my hosts if they ever felt a lack of privacy, due to the trail users being able to see into their yard, but they assured me that the enjoyment of their view more than offset any privacy concerns.  The additional feature/benefit that I noticed was the almost constant sound of the crickets and frogs chirping in the background.  They told me that some of their neighbors love those sounds so much that they can’t get to sleep without them!

This year, the real estate activity has been pretty quiet in Forest Creek, with only 3 closings so far.  There is one foreclosed home on the market today, and 2 others should be coming on fairly soon.  Two of these were purchased at the peak of the market, using 100% financing, and probably “stated income – liar loans.” 

Forest Creek YTD Activity to 4/26/2008


What other homes are on the market?  Search for homes, or get a Free Market Analysis Here. 


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