Lake Forest Keys Homes in Lake Forest California

The Lake Forest Keys real estate activity has been busier than the other Lake Forest II neighborhoods this year.  There are currently 18 homes on the market, including one short sale.  Two homes are in escrow now, and seven have sold and closed. 

Prices have definitely decreased from the highs of 2005 & 2006, but it is difficult to put an exact % on it.  Each home in The Lake Forest Keys is unique, with different views, and locations.  Over the 30+ years since these homes were built, many have had major facelifts, substantial remodeling, and a few have even been completely knocked down and rebuilt from scratch.   My guess is that homes in the Lake Forest Keys home prices are off about 25% from the record-setting highs of a few years ago.

Lake Forest Keys Homes Year-to-Date Activity  through 4/24/2008

What other homes are on the market?  Search for homes, or get a Free Market Analysis Here.


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