Lake Forest Keys Homes in Lake Forest II – YTD 3-27-2008

Here is the latest activity in the Lake Forest Keys neighborhood.  Prices now start at $539K for the smallest home on the greenbelt, and go up to $1,595,000 for the point home on Arrowhead.  There is one short sale listed now at a price of $699,000. 

One of the point homes just closed at $1,350,000 (list price had been $1,600,000) and the other one is still pending at $1,395,000.  Currently the least expensive waterfront home is listed at $929,000 for a 2100 sq ft attached home with a “main channel” view.

I have added my comments in brackets [ ] in the general description areas when a property is listed as a short sale or REO. 

Real Estate Activity in Lake Forest Keys Neighborhood Lake Forest California

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