Lake Park West – YTD 3-14-08

There are 8 active listings in Lake Park West today, but no closed sales yet this year.  One home is in escrow, after 134 days on the market. 

Of the 8 actives, 3 are bank-owned, 2 are short sales, and 1 is owned by a relocation company. 

The bank-owned home on Crane was previously offered as a short sale, and I heard there were offers submitted to the bank in the $680K range.  The sellers had what appeared to be a true hardship with huge medical bills (wife’s cancer treatment) and the husband’s job loss.  If any property would qualify for a short sale, this looked likely, but the bank instead choose to foreclose.  It is now offered by the bank for $614,900.  It is really a nice house, with a good floor plan, and decent location (doesn’t back up to Lake Forest Drive.)  I will be surprised if it doesn’t sell soon.

Lake Park West YTD 3-14-08 


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